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Hardcore - Jenika Snow What complete and utter drivel and I'm a fan of this type of fiction.
No real story
No real drama
No angst
No anything !!!!!!
Except badly written repetitive sex.

From the point of view of the writing
Grammatical and syntax errors abound, text reference errors make a confusing read as to who she is really talking about, and let's not get into spelling.
So, so disappointed as I have read other books by this author but maybe her writing has been tempered by Sam Crescent, who knows, but this book was repetitive to the nth degree both in terms of vocabulary example "I shouldn't have let her go " by the 10th page I GOT IT. Really!!!!
And the lack of real story. This was a book I slogged through hoping it would get better, it didn't, so it was a waste of 3 hours of my time and from this I don't think I'll ever read any more books by this author. For me it didn't even rate one star and that is saying something as even if the book is bad it's usually gets a star.
I rest my case!