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Rapine: Abducted by the Billionaire (The Trophy Wife #1)

Rapine: Abducted by the Billionaire (The Trophy Wife #1) - Charlotte Rose WTF!!!!
I never really write critiques of books (I just give a star rating) as I think usually everyone has "something to say" but this book I really had to express my own opinion.
First third shopping list, the author wants us to know she knows all about luxury goods and their cost, or it's her wish list for Christmas and maybe hubby will buy or she has been paid an exorbitant amount to advertise.
Second third social anthropological dissertation on the evolution of the species Wow how could a woman write this drivel, I told my daughter about the listing and comparison of male /female works of art,my daughter replied "2000 years of female repression"
Third part a travel brochure that lists the most expensive travel destinations all over the world, Again author's wish list or paid advertising who knows!!!!!!!!!!!!but after the third mention of the swanky hotel or the naming of the umpteenth lingerie brand or watch IT GETS REALLY BORING!
REAL story is told in 20 pages, emotional involvement zero, character development less than zero, the original premise of the story was quite good but how it was brought about was ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. This author if you could call her that SHOULD go and take a master class with Kristin Ashley on how to write involving emotional stories even E L James did better than this Fifty shades seems a masterpiece in comparison. My one big question is WHO was the publisher and was the EDITOR high whilst reading this book, because even I could have made a better job of editing this one (don't take in the first place ). Last words GOD help us for Books 2 and 3.