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Tainted - Jamie Begley OMG In the space of 2 pages we have 2 come to Jesus moments. I don't usually write reviews but with this book I have to write one on praise of Jamie Begley. I am not praising the actual writing grammar, syntax etc because in some cases it could be MUCH MUCH better. ( point in case needs better proof readers,beta readers and ARC readers to review such errors.) But I compliment her on creating a world/universe not unlike that of Kristen Ashley series of books that intersect,interweave and create fluid story lines across the 3 different story lines.

My one main downside is that the stories themselves are too short 190 pages approx to the 400 of KA and some of the characters are not fleshed out enough and some of development of relationships was rushed. The main gripe seems to be the unexpected ménage in the book that many readers complained about. Yes I agree it did seem odd but in the BDSM world this appears to be something of the norm but how it played out in this book didn't quite feel right and many gripes about Kaden not being liked are on the money as his character development feels totally rushed as well as his change of mood from the opening chapters to full on Dom with NO explanation was a little off. These books for the story are good but they don't make me feel the full gamut of emotions that I do with KA books hers I laugh, I cry , I cry laughing, I get angry , I have moments I hate, I empathize with characters ( Breathes female lead being a scifi fan that's me long live Battlestar) and I can reread over and over again ( I'm a quick read sometimes 2/3 books a day yes I'm an insomniac (Sweet Dreams reference and over 40)). Jamie, however is not in KA league yet but is getting there, and I do reread her books without getting bored. Can't waited for shades book and I think I know where the story is going I just hope it's a GOOD RIDE,