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Champagne Showers

Champagne Showers - Adler and Holt OMG, OMG, OMG.
What can I say about this book!!
I struggled to finish it. I kept going hoping it would get better but it did not. Well as a 50 Shades of Grey clone the actual story is not bad, but what makes this book bad and the the second too (I'm now on the 3rd)is the endless, mindless, souless, robotic and after the 3rd time boringly repetive sex scenes. Now I like sex and I like sex in books but my God must you sacrifice the story actually quite good for the sex.

Nooooooooooo! Sex is to be savoured, to be anticipated so that when it arrives you feel it to your "core" when reading.This gave me a distinct feeling of "watching " a porn movie, and as I see there are 2 authors I surmise one wrote the story one wrote the sex scenes.
As for repetive words or phrases just look to the sex scenes and DIE if i read one more time the words clenched, core sopping wet I will kill someone and as for the word "P" what age is the heroine 3yrs old. Also some of her choices are downright stupid and silly but in the context of a romance I suppose we can close an eye to these choices, but I think the writers should take a course on thriller writing just so they know how to build tension.