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Malice's Possession

Malice's Possession - Jenika Snow My one star review really has nothing to to with the story line which was ok, a bit workhorse of type no real character development and I agree with many other reviewers that this story should have been about the hero and his girl. Too much time was devoted to another character who has his own book that follows this one and therefore the whole story feels rushed and forced.
On average I can read two to three books a day (very quick reader) and as an English teacher I can appreciate good writing. In general I read everything from harlequins to political thrillers but this book is astounding in the bad grammar, incorrect sentence construction, incomplete and frankly confusing paragraphs and worst of all the spelling mistaking hear and here, pliant and plaint. I really don't understand, this is a fairly big publishing house and quiet frankly I think the proof readers and editors were on holiday when this book came in or they just think the level of intelligence of the readership is very low. I almost didn't finish it and I don't know if I will read the next two books as I don't want to re read pages to understand what has been written. In fact it makes Fifty Shades of Grey look like a classic or even a masterpiece.