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Dirty Secret

Dirty Secret - Emma  Hart OMG could this book be more monotonous, wash rinse repeat for 200 odd pages. I'm not saying the writing was bad (there were a few typos and a few very wrong spellings of words) I usually like this writer but this time I found myself skimming chapters hoping that something interesting would happen. But no wash rinse repeat!!!!!! This heroine, I found my self wanting to strangle her, with her self righteous guilt trip. A huge Plot hole is the fact that if she didn't want the hero or his family or for that matter the town to find out she had had a child by the Hero. Well in that case she should not have come back in the first place (ergo no Story) or at least she should not have come back when she knew he was coming back on a tour break. A much more convincing story of How the hero finds out about the baby could, should and would have been a better twist in the story.
There are many stories of this trope, rock star secret baby, but none so annoyingly irritating as the guilt ridden indecisive heroine. I got to the point where I wanted the hero (who was vey nice not the usual arrogant pompous idiot ) to take his kid run for the hills and find a new love and step mom for his child.
As I have said other books of this author I have found good and very good depending on the book but this one seems a paint by numbers effort and did not stir my beating heart to want to read about the other brothers as most of the characters were barely fleshed out and the ones that were the heroes were generally boring and the so called angst of the Heroine was really quite banal.