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Severed Angel: 1 (Severed MC)

Severed Angel: 1 (Severed MC) - K. T. Fisher One fucking massive plot hole who in their right minds would hand over or give evidence of themselves raping and killing someone taped on a pen drive and also giving them the body.
Don't know who is more stupid the severed mc, Satan or the author. I like suspension of disbelief but this one takes the biscuit even in a world of mc clubs where the law is disregarded but even not being a lawyer, I would have called the cops and this story stops in its tracks.
Otherwise it was fairly well written odd mistakes here and there grammar and spelling due to poor proof reading, not enough secondary character development, and so much more could have been written with Angel and Satan in mind but it is hard to live up to the best contemporary alpha male romantic writer to date Kirsten Ashley but on the whole not a bad effort.