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Undescribable - Shantel Tessier I don't usually write reviews as I like reading too much but this time I just had to. I have to agree with one of the posts that this was a really Unsatisfactory read As the story ends thirty pages in and then we had a five page conclusion at the end. In the middle 300 pages of pure crap, repetitive scenes, the girl is a full blown alcoholic. The boy a wimp with no balls. A myriad of spelling mistakes and misused words (what were the proof readers and beta readers doing?) My usual rule of reading is if in the first 20 or 30 pages I'm bored stop reading, with this one I persevered as the story was promising but MY BAD stupid characters,doing stupid things, with no logic. I really wish I could get back the time I wasted on this book, I just should have re-read a Kristen Ashley book That way I wouldn't have been left with a bad taste in my mouth. Oh well you live and learn onward and upward.